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  1. Embracing Innovation and Empowering a Connected Tech World

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    Driving technology and AI Excellence: Unveiling at Microsoft Inspire

    Microsoft Inspire, the tech giant’s annual partner conference, never fails to unveil fascinating announcements and present new perspectives concerning how business and technology will collaborate in the future. The event gained new heights with the launch of innovative tools in 2023, uniting executives from businesses, peers, and innovators from all over the world to explore an intense focus on technology and AI cutting-edge solutions, business partnerships, and the revolutionary possibilities. Let’s explore the key highlights that left a lasting impact on attendees and set the stage for a brighter and more connected future.

    Microsoft Cloud – Empower every person and organization to achieve more with technology and AI:

    At the heart of Microsoft’s mission lies a commitment to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more.

    • Support inclusive economic growth
    • Protect fundamental rights
    • Create sustainable future
    • Earn trust in technology

    Bing Chat Enterprise – Elevating team communications

    Bing Chat Enterprise gives your organization AI-powered chat for work and helps to elevate team communications with commercial data protection. With Bing Chat Enterprise, user and business data are protected and will not leak outside the organization. What goes in — and comes out — remains protected.  It’s a collaborative platform that offers seamless integration with Microsoft 365 plans and Microsoft 365 Co-pilot adds a whole new way of working. Additionally, the availability of Microsoft Sales Copilot and Power Automate Process Mining aimed to enhance sales productivity and process optimization.

    Microsoft Sales Copilot – Technology and AI to boost front-end productivity

    Microsoft Sales Copilot is a seller experience application that uses Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams to automatically capture, access, and register data into any customer relationship management (CRM) system. It eliminates manual data entry and gives sellers more time to focus on selling.

    Microsoft and OpenAI Extend Partnership

    Microsoft and OpenAI deepen their collaboration, expanding the Azure OpenAI Service’s availability, and unlocking new horizons in AI accessibility and innovation. Increased availability in North America and Western Europe and in Asia for the first time.

    Meta’s Llama 2: Transforming content safety on Azure and Windows

    Meta’s Llama 2 takes a transformative step forward as it integrates with Azure and Windows ecosystems. This collaboration promises to elevate content safety by leveraging the power of these platforms. Through this synergy, Meta’s Llama 2 aims to create a safer digital environment for users across the globe.

    Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program: AI Excellence Unleashed for Innovators

    The Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program offers an unparalleled opportunity to build upon the robust Azure AI platform and the cutting-edge Copilot stack. Through this program, partners can gain a competitive edge by obtaining AI certifications and comprehensive enablement resources. Leveraging substantial investments and incentives, participants can confidently scale their AI solutions and go-to-market strategies.

    Microsoft Inspire extended a partnership with Epic

    At Microsoft Inspire, a significant partnership extension with Epic was announced, reflecting a commitment to transformative collaboration. The integration of Azure OpenAI Service into Epic Workflows stands as a testament to advancing technological capabilities. Additionally, the introduction of DAX Express for Epic amplifies ambient documentation, streamlining workflows. This partnership also promises a highly scalable public cloud, catering to the evolving needs of Epic’s customer base, ushering in a new era of efficiency and innovation.

    Example: DAX Listening, it’s an AI application that is used to listen to the conversation between a doctor and a patient and then create a summary according to it. And also highlighting the issues of the patient.

    Industrial Metaverse offering: Transforming Sectors with Innovation

    The Industrial Metaverse offering unveiled an immense significance as AI takes center stage in the minds of business leaders. It promises to revolutionize sectors by enhancing productivity, driving efficiency, and lowering costs. Microsoft’s platform accelerates AI transformation across IP, Services, Value-added services, and Edge, injecting AI into diverse areas like Business applications, Data & AI, Digital & app innovation, Cloud infrastructure, Modern work, and Security. Microsoft’s commitment to AI is further evidenced by its support for AI platform start-ups, offering a transformative vision for a future marked by innovation and intelligence.

    Guiding AI Security: Advisory Council Insights

    The Security Co-pilot Design Advisory Council plays a pivotal role in the realm of AI security. It delivers a range of AI services, from moderation and development to integration, migration, automation, and unification. By building novel AI value-added services, the council enhances AI-infused experiences across diverse platforms, amplifying application capabilities, enriching user interactions, and providing actionable insights for a more secure digital landscape.


    Microsoft Inspire keynotes were a testimonial to the company’s dedication to empowering partners and customers with AI-driven solutions and innovation. By fostering strategic partnerships, investing in sustainability, and offering advanced tools like the Copilot Stack, Microsoft continues to shape a connected world, driven by technology that places people and organizations at the forefront.

    For more details on how Microsoft Dynamics 365 can help your organization with the right technology and AI, feel free to reach out to us.

    To know how the latest technology and AI for Real Estate is used in Property-xRM: CRM software for Property Management, click here.

    As a Gold Microsoft Partner, Metadata Technologies is a 100% CRM-focused company with 20 years of experience providing Customer Relationship Management solutions for business enterprises across the globe. Metadata has been the recipient of the Best Industry Partner Award in 2014 by Microsoft and is committed to delivering quality solutions to ensure peak customer satisfaction.

  2. Metadata Expands Operations with New Office

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    Metadata Technologies inaugurated its fourth office at Silicon Oasis, Dubai

    At Metadata, our vision is very much intertwined with our Customer Relationship Management software offering because we believe in delivering the best for our customers and building long-lasting customer relationships.

    Our new office in Silicon Oasis was inaugurated on 21st June 2023. Mr. Premchand Kurup, CEO – of Paramount Computers felicitated Mr. Rasheed Mohammed, Managing Director of Metadata. We were also joined by Mr. Sajid Madathil who was kind enough to say a few words about his pleasant memories with Metadata.

    Mr. Rasheed Muhammed on Metadata expanding Operations:

    “We appreciate everyone’s time and support here at the opening of our new facility in Dubai. For the past twenty years, we have been perfecting a Microsoft Dynamics Solution for Real Estate in the region. We have an amazing team of professionals who are experts in Microsoft Technology and the Property business. So, I thank you all once again for your presence.”, said Managing Director, Mr. Muhammed.

    The inauguration was attended by the Dubai Team along with some key stakeholders from the Center of Excellence in India. The event was covered live through a Microsoft Teams call with the rest of the team members joining in via video call from the Development Center.

    What our guests had to say:

    “Metadata is a pioneer in CRM in the middle east. And I am really amazed by how they have grown over all these years and serving many of the Middle East Real Estate Companies. I wish them all the best in their new office in the Silicon Oasis.”

    “I want to take this opportunity to wish Rasheed and the Metadata team – the very best. Congratulations! I think this is a very good move, to have a new office in Silicon Oasis. And I am sure that from here, they will grow in leaps and bounds. CRM and Dynamics 365 are great places to be in, and I wish them the very best.”

    A testament to our commitment to staying ahead of the curve in our domain.

    With a specialized focus on CRM solutions and domain expertise in real estate with Property-xRM, we look forward to tapping the growing potential in the market.

  3. Ellington selects Metadata and Microsoft

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    Ellington Properties, Dubai’s leading and award-winning design-led boutique developer, has signed up with Metadata and Microsoft to upgrade its systems and technology in order to enhance support for customers and further enable the company’s growth.

    Over the years, Ellington has built its reputation for developing beautifully designed homes with impeccable architecture and incredible artistry. So it comes as no surprise, that a customer-oriented developer has invested in the world-class Microsoft-based Real Estate CRM solution, Property-xRM.

    This digital initiative will provide impetus to Ellington’s aim of automating its operations with a heavier focus on managing relationships with its stakeholders.

    Nitin BhatnagarCo-Founder, and President of Ellington Properties, said: “We have made phenomenal progress in recent years, increasing the number of launches and handovers of projects. Our digital transformation is the next step in accelerating our growth and enhancing the level of service we provide to our customers.”

    Ellington Properties will implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE (CRM) and Property-xRM with the support of Metadata Technologies, a Gold Microsoft Partner. This initiative will boost Ellington’s sales and service features with improved customer-centricity. The property management solution provides complete automation, minimising manual processes and human interference thereby ensuring faster processes and enhanced service for customers.

    Yvonne Chebib, Global Partner Solutions Lead, Microsoft UAE, said: “Our comprehensive solution, backed by the secure and versatile Microsoft Cloud, is specifically designed for the real estate industry. We are delighted to be working with Ellington Properties, supporting their needs to achieve faster growth and increased customer satisfaction.”

    The avant-garde Real Estate Developer’s decision to integrate a customer-focused approach into their routine functions reflects their long-standing commitment to their customers.

    Rasheed Muhammed, Managing Director, Metadata Technologies added: “We are excited about working with Ellington Properties, to enhance their customer-centric strategy and digital transformation. A Microsoft award-winning solution like Property-xRM will streamline the processes, boost productivity, provide better business insights, and hence help in achieving higher growth rates.”

    The maturity of Property-xRM helps to cater to all the major revenue-generating aspects of a real estate company’s operations. As Gold Microsoft Partners, Metadata Technologies, a CRM company has been providing solutions to large Real Estate Developers and Property Management companies for over 20 years.

  4. Why Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM for your Business?

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    Why Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM for your Business?

    Today, a quick web search on CRM will give you a plethora of alternatives, all claiming to be ‘The Best CRM’, or ‘The Most Suitable CRM’ for your business. While chances are that they might not be wrong, there are a few real questions that an organization needs to answer before choosing a CRM software:

    1. “Does the CRM work for the size of my organization?”
    2.  “Are the functionalities customizable according to my requirements?”
    3. “What are the added benefits that come along”?

    Selecting the right software is a step most companies feel is extremely crucial considering the kind of investment that goes into its implementation. There’s a very natural and common ideology that kicks in – the most popular CRM or the one being used by industry leaders ‘must be the best’.

    That’s far from being true. Organizations may have the best resources, but if they cannot handle them correctly, it’s useless. Just facts!

    Let’s not dive too much into philosophy and get back to Microsoft and Dynamics 365 CE (CRM). First up, what’s the Microsoft Platform capable of? And, why Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM?

    The Microsoft Platform

    Microsoft, the world’s most valued organization, invests billions of dollars into R&D to make its offerings more relevant to the dynamic business world. Dynamics 365 is a portfolio of business applications that bring together customers, products, people, and data ranging from the front-end to the back-end operations, in a way that helps create impact faster. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (CE), previously known as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales, is a customer relationship management solution that empowers sales, marketing, and service teams to drive an organization’s business.

    With regular updates and improvements, the platform is constantly evolving through innovative ideas and functionalities. Irrespective of the size of an organization, Dynamics 365 CE allows them to manage business relationships, automate sales & marketing activities, and speed up customer service on one centralized platform. Here is a high-level overview of Dynamics 365 CE as a business solution:

    4 Reasons why Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

    Sr. NoFunctionalitiesMicrosoft Dynamics 365
    1Level of Flexibility (Suitability)Highly configurable based on the organization’s requirements. Flexible pricing, cost-effective, and suits all sizes of business.
    2Integration CapabilitiesSeamless integration with Office365, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, ERP systems, and the entire suite of Microsoft Products.
    3Marketing AutomationMicrosoft Dynamics for Marketing and ClickDimensions for a 360-degree unified view of customer data.
    4Artificial IntelligenceAdvance AI for customer and engagement insights along with Chatbots and Machine learning capabilities.

    1. Level of Flexibility

    The basic functionalities of CRM include Lead & Opportunity Management, Report Generation, Dashboards & Analytics, Sales Automation, Customer Insights, etc. It’s no different with Dynamics 365 CE. The distinguishing factor, however, is the level of customizations that can be done on the platform to base it around the requirements of an organization. The Power Platform, including Microsoft Power Apps for development, Power Automate for custom workflows, and Power BI for reporting and analytics, brings in a diverse set of tools that allow users to develop customized solutions through Microsoft’s ‘Low-Code, No-Code’ approach. This gives organizations more power to control all the operations while maintaining and upgrading apps without additional costs.

    And while we talk about Flexibility, the Dynamics platform extends beyond features. Being a cloud offering, users make payments only for services that they need. There are multiple options and packages available both on a monthly and user-basis, making it a great fit for small, medium, and large enterprises.

    2. Integration Capabilities

    This aspect is probably the clear stand-out. As the Business Applications facet of the Microsoft household, Dynamics 365 CE leverages the entire ecosystem and integrates seamlessly not just with its own suite of products, but also third-party applications. This ranges from Office365 to SharePoint to the Power Platform to LinkedIn, and even to ERP software like Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations, Dynamics 365 Business Central, and Dynamics AX. All these applications connect seamlessly with Dynamics 365 CE, with no connectors required.

    For example, with Outlook integration, an incoming lead can automatically be recorded in Dynamics 365 CRM and followed up through automated triggers and AI-powered reminders within Dynamics. One of the most recent developments has been the improved integration with Teams making internal approvals, tasks, and customer communication an absolute breeze.

    Similarly, with LinkedIn’s acquisition, Microsoft has also brought the largest social business networking platform under its ecosystem of applications. Through Sales Navigator integration, CRM users can boost collaborative efficiency, thanks to a seamless mechanism that captures customer information and automatically converts them into leads.

    3. Marketing Automation

    With Microsoft Dynamics for Marketing (MDM), users can create more personalized experiences with real-time customer journey orchestration. By capturing information through mobile devices & channels like email, phone calls, websites, etc., users can address all the major touchpoints and win more customers. MDM acts as a unified platform that aligns members in your team with a centralized 360-degree view of customers, all while being tightly integrated with Dynamics 365 CE.

    Another tool that’s recommended for marketing is ClickDimensions. With marketing automation, social media marketing, intelligent dashboards, and customer data solutions, marketers can achieve more with their marketing efforts. Like MDM, the access to customer data and marketing activities are unified and stored in Dynamics 365 CE. ClickDimensions includes multichannel marketing applications that work natively as ‘one solution’ with Microsoft Dynamics.

    4. Artificial Intelligence

    Let’s also address the buzzword doing the rounds in recent times. Artificial Intelligence (AI). Along with Salesforce, Microsoft’s AI functionalities definitely are at the top of the list when looked at from the CRM industry perspective.

    With analytics powered by Dynamics 365 Customer Insights (CI), businesses can unify customer data, create a unified platform, and also make predictions about future customer requirements based on activity trends.

    By capturing interests, clearly laying out customer timelines, and analyzing churn risk percentages, Dynamics AI offers a vast set of proactive tools to optimize customer journeys to win high-value customers.

    As an example, AI ChatBots powered by Azure can help organizations automate the routine interactions and query handlings of customer service agents. The Bots can also be integrated with Omni Channel for Customer Service ensuring responses 24×7.

    Dynamics 365 CRM’s capabilities extend beyond the above-mentioned points, but these are the top 4 points that give a sense of why a business must consider the Microsoft platform for Sales and Marketing automation. Choose the right CRM for your business, not necessarily the ‘Best CRM’ in the market.

    Remember the questions at the beginning? Hope the article answers those through the four main pointers and why Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM!

    To learn how Metadata Technologies can help you in exploring Microsoft Dynamics 365 to help your organization, click here.

    As a Gold Microsoft Partner, Metadata Technologies is a 100% CRM-focused company with 20 years of experience providing Customer Relationship Management solutions for business enterprises across the globe. Metadata has been the recipient of the Best Industry Partner Award in 2014 by Microsoft and is committed to delivering quality solutions to ensure peak customer satisfaction.

  5. 4 ways to boost revenue with Dynamics 365 Sales and AI

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    4 ways to boost revenue with Dynamics 365 Sales and AI

    By translating data into actionable insights derived with Microsoft AI, you can empower everyone across the whole department to create more meaningful choices. And if your goal is to accelerate a single procedure or change an entire sector, this can also be enabled by AI across the organization. With Dynamics 365 Sales and AI, each team has the autonomy to solve challenges and make choices on their own, aided by tools.

    Every seller and sales organization would be successful if sales were simple. But, especially in the current scenario, there’s more to it. Customers are increasingly using digital means to acquire answers to questions and even make purchasing decisions, rather than relying solely on direct interaction with merchants. The salesperson is transitioning from being a trusted advisor to guiding every step of the sales process. To meet this role, merchants must reorganize and find new methods to add value to their customers.

    Dynamics 365 Sales’ cutting-edge AI and collaboration features provide sellers with a 360-degree picture of the client. Sellers may learn from customer history, access data from various data sources, and receive recommendations that help you to identify the next step you should take.

    4 ways in which Dynamics 365 Sales and AI helps Businesses Boost their Revenue

    Your sales staff will be able to do the following using Microsoft Dynamics 365 AI for sales:

    1. Concentrate on the consumers who have the most potential

    Find and prioritize leads and opportunities so you can focus your efforts on the people who are most likely to buy your product or service. 

    1. Keep in touch with people

    You’ll be able to distinguish between good and risky customer relationships using data from Dynamics 365, LinkedIn, and Office 365. With this information, you’ll be able to concentrate on your most important customers.

    1. Personalize your customer interactions

    With the help of insights, you can understand the requirements of the customer and thus you can communicate with them with the relevant information. The latest in AI allows you to draft emails and initiate communications at a click of button.

    1. Automate the sales process

    Dynamics 365 Sales and AI help you organize your sales and create a record of contacts and activities, enabling you to enhance productivity.

    The above points are some of the main pointers when considering automation with Dynamics 365 and how it helps businesses. 

    Below are some secondary pointers to make you learn more about its factors: 

    • Obtain in-depth Sales Information

    Using seller engagement and productivity indicators, Dynamics 365 gives data and resources that help your sales managers better understand sales performance and coach sales agents more effectively.

    • Coach Effectively

    You may direct your sales agents to more productive conversations that will enable you to persuade the client and turn them to customers with the help of Dynamics 365. 

    • Increased Productivity

    AI applications use process automation and real-time data analysis to automate time-consuming processes. Sales personnel are no longer required to collect and analyze data manually. CRM solutions collect and analyze data 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and generate accurate predictions and suggestions to assist sales teams in making the best decisions to close deals rapidly. 

    Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM can link with other Microsoft platforms in real time, allowing AI solutions to gather real-time information during sales cycles. Sales agents can make the most of their time with better connection and process automation.

    • Cost-Cutting

    Time is money, as the old adage goes, and this is especially true in B2B sales. B2B sales cycles are well-known for being lengthy and involving multiple partners. When salespeople focus on a lead that isn’t likely to close, they risk wasting months and missing out on important opportunities. Microsoft Dynamics 365 AI for Sales enables sales teams to concentrate on high-value customers. In essence, AI gives users a 360-degree view of prospects and customers, allowing them to spot where they’re squandering money and ensures that you do not miss the great opportunity.

    • Increased Revenue

    Sales teams often lose sight of what matters most: the client, as they focus on meeting their quotas. Whether it’s a B2B or B2C transaction, customers expect to be treated as individuals rather than numbers. As a result, for organizations aiming to increase income, client experience should be a top concern. 

    AI-powered insights and recommendations assist sales professionals in personalizing buyer experiences. AI technology helps in understanding the consumer experiences that are essential for driving more sales. Sales teams may use AI data to make quick decisions that exceed client expectations, from offering the correct price to delivering the right collateral.

    AI’s Transformative Power in a Variety of Industries

    Microsoft has built AI layers into its Dynamics 365 products to provide AI experiences that are ready to use right away. With self-healing commands, Dynamics 365 for Field Service employs AI to detect, troubleshoot, and resolve equipment issues remotely. Other Microsoft services, such as Azure, Office, Skype, and augmented reality, can be used to extend these features.

    To assist customers better integrate AI into their businesses, Microsoft has introduced a new class of AI applications that unify data and infuse it with sophisticated intelligence to give out-of-the-box insights. We at Metadata Technologies help you design the software according to your needs. Our team of skilled professionals can work closely with your team to provide best results for you.  

  6. The role of Property-xRM in lead nurturing in Real Estate

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    The role of Property-xRM in lead nurturing in Real Estate

    The terms lead nurturing and lead generation often coincide with each other. However, the practice of lead nurturing is much more vast than lead generation, where the latter mainly focuses on finding new potential customers. Lead nurturing in real estate is a prolonged and complex process of building a strong relationship with prospects, streamlining the process of turning them into homeowners or tenants. This plays a vital role as facilitating a positive customer experience during their purchase journey is a decisive factor. 

    That’s where Property-xRM Lead Management lends value as a dedicated CRM solution powered by Microsoft technology. Property-xRM is a CRM software for Real Estate Sales and Property Management developed to optimize businesses operations.

    What is Property-xRM?

    Property-xRM is a PropTech tool built on top of Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE (CRM) that manages major revenue-generating aspects like Home Sales, Property Leasing (Commercial, Residential, Retail), and Facility Management for real estate companies. The solution leverages Microsoft technology with easy integration capabilities, explicitly developed for real estate.

    From a sales perspective, the CRM-based solution is designed carefully by keeping in mind each stage of the real estate customer journey, from initial marketing of properties, property launches, to document management and the eventual sale. In addition, it also provides businesses an edge in customer-focused post-sale services like property upgrades, transfers of ownership, etc. Therefore, it emerges as a powerful tool that empowers consistency and quality in the real estate lead nurturing process by enhancing customer experience.

    How Property-xRM helps in customer management and engagement?

    Customer management and engagement are the pillars of lead nurturing. Property-xRM is an award-winning Real Estate CRM solution that helps businesses achieve smooth customer management and engagement through the following ways:

    • Omni-channel lead capture and inventory: A successful lead nurturing starts with knowing and generating leads. Property-xRM captures prospect and lead information from several different channels like Social Media, Websites, or third-party listings. The same is facilitated by Property-xRM’s Marketing Management capabilities powered by Dynamics 365 for Marketing, or ClickDimensions – one of the leading marketing platforms for Microsoft Dynamics.

    In addition, relevant information like your leads’ contact details, the properties they’re looking for, the interactions undertaken with them, etc., can be collected and stored in the system and used for personalized engagement. With the latest in Microsoft AI, there is a higher level of automation for data entry and customer engagement that allows real estate agents to be more productive and focus on building deeper relationships with prospects.

    • Effective lead and sales management: Management of sales and leads requires a value-driven engagement with customers and their representatives. Property-xRM manages real estate inventory information and uses customer preference and campaign insights to improve lead conversions.
    • Automation of sales process: No matter if it’s a real estate or a clothing business, no customer likes long order processing and waiting time. With inventory and customer related information in once place, Property-xRM automates the lead-to-deal journey for real estate companies.

    It is seen that the deployment of Property-xRM resulted in up to 60% reduction in the customer waiting time. Furthermore, it also creates easy access to necessary reports providing customers with accurate information.

    • Better communication between parties: It takes a significant amount of communication between a company and buyers to seal the deal. Since real estate is one of the most crucial investments one can have, it’s apparent that customers would like to interact, ask, and raise queries before paying for it.

    Property-xRM provides businesses with a dedicated customer relationship management (CRM) solution that encourages direct customer engagement. It acts as an ultimate tool to ensure that no inquiries, grievances, or any time-bound element of the process are compromised. A systematic approval system along with notifications to the relevant people within the organization ensures that all the leads are diligently followed up.

    • Flexible payment methods: Since sale and payment are crucial for lead nurturing, it’s important to have flexibility with multiple payment options. Customers always seek various payment methods as not everyone can be comfortable with one. Property-xRM facilitates easier capture of payment details as a highly configurable solution. The platform also ensures seamless integrations with third-party Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems boosting operational efficiency.

    What are the further changes needed by the real estate sector?

    The real estate sector holds significant accountability in the market. Although the real estate sector is not as fast as the media sector in adopting technologies, innovation and effective tools are always appreciated. Some of the upcoming changes the real estate looks forward to are:

    • Virtual reality for home tours
    • E-Signing of contracts
    • Digital property advertising solutions 
    • Rental Property Management
    • Transforming real estate into smart homes

    Read more about the PropTech trends in real estate for the future.

    Moreover, PropTech companies continue to identify and curb various pain points of customers that will help in successful lead nurturing and conversion. Property-xRM offers robust features you need for faster, better, and more efficient lead nurturing in real estate.

    How Metadata Technologies facilitates lead nurturing in real estate?

    If you are a real estate business owner, optimizing the sales and leasing process is one of the major challenges. Metadata Technologies can help you with its leading CRM Software for Property Management designed for large scale developers and property management companies. Property-xRM enables you to achieve a streamlined lead nurturing in real estate right from pre-sales customer experience to selling/leasing and after-sales management.

    Don’t just find new leads, but turn each one of them into your loyal customers with Property-xRM.

    Contact us to get started today!

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