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05 Nov 2021

The role of Property-xRM in lead nurturing in Real Estate

The terms lead nurturing and lead generation often coincide with each other. However, the practice of lead nurturing is much more vast than lead generation, where the latter mainly focuses on finding new potential customers. Here, lead nurturing includes a prolonged and complex process of building a strong relationship with potential customers with the intent of turning them into loyal, paying customers. This indeed plays a vital role because facilitating a positive customer experience during each successive stage of their purchase journey can play a decisive factor for buyers and investors. 

That’s when Property-xRM comes to the rescue, a dedicated CRM solution powered by Microsoft integration. Property-xRM is among the top-notch property management utilities developed to optimize real estate businesses operations.

What is Property-xRM?

Property-xRM is a PropTech tool built on top of Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE (CRM) that can manage major revenue-generating aspects like Real Estate Sales, Property Leasing, and Facility Management of real estate companies. This solution is designed with Microsoft integration, explicitly developed for real estate. From a sales perspective, the CRM-based Property Management solution is designed carefully by keeping in mind each stage of the customer journey, from initial marketing to the eventual sale. In addition, it also provides businesses an edge in customer-focused post-sales services. Therefore, it emerges as a powerful tool that dramatically empowers consistency and quality in the lead nurturing process by enhancing mutual trust, business reputation, and customer experience. 

How Property-xRM helps in customer management and engagement?

Customer management and engagement are the pillars of lead nurturing. Property-xRM is an award-winning CRM solution that helps businesses achieve smooth customer management and engagement through the following ways:

  • Omni-channel lead capture and inventory: A successful lead nurturing starts with knowing and generating leads. Property-xRM uses several different channels to explore and reach out to potential prospects. The same is facilitated by the marketing module from Microsoft Dynamics 365 or ClickDimensions, one of the leading marketing platforms for Microsoft Dynamics.

In addition,  relevant information like your leads’ contact details, the information they need, the interactions undertaken with them, etc can be collected and stored in the system and used for personalized engagement.

  • Effective lead and sales management: Management of sales and leads requires a value-driven engagement with customers and their representatives. That’s why Property-xRM uses customer preference management and campaigns to get better insights into customer wants. This provides highly targeted intervention over the entire customer journey, resulting in improved lead generation and conversion.
  • Automation of sales process: No matter if it’s a real estate or a clothing business, no customer likes long order processing and waiting time.  Here, Property-xRM works wonders by automated post-sales & post leasing operations.

It is seen that incorporation of this tool resulted in up to a 69% reduction in the customer waiting time. Furthermore, this automation tool also creates easy access to necessary reports providing customers with accurate information.

  • Better communication between parties: It takes a significant amount of communication between a company and buyers to seal the deal. Since real estate is one of the most crucial investments one can have, it’s apparent that customers would like to interact, ask, and raise queries before paying for it.

Thankfully, Property-xRM provides businesses with a dedicated customer relationship solution that encourages direct customer engagement. It acts as an ultimate tool to ensure that no inquiries, grievances, or any time-bound element of the process are compromised. A systematic approval system along with notifications to the relevant people within the organization ensures that all the leads are diligently followed up.

  • Flexible payment methods: Since sale and payment are crucial for lead nurturing, it’s important to have flexibility with multiple payment options. Customers always seek various payment methods as not everyone can be comfortable with one. Property-xRM again takes the trophy as it has multiple payment gateway integrations which further promotes convenience. The platform also ensures seamless integrations with any Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)  systems that boost operational efficiency.

What are the further changes needed by the real estate sector?

The real estate sector holds significant accountability in the market. That’s why PropTech companies often strive to develop property management utilities like Property-xRM. Although the real estate sector is not as fast as the media sector to adopt technologies, innovation and effective tools are always appreciated. Some of the upcoming changes the real estate looks forward to are:

  • Virtual reality for home tours
  • E-Signing of contracts
  • Digital property advertising solutions 
  • Rental Property Management
  • Transforming real estate into smart homes

And much more.

Moreover, PropTech companies continue to identify and curb various pain points of customers that will help in successful lead nurturing and conversion. Till then, there is one thing you can do for a smooth real estate lead nurturing process. You can rely on property CRM software like  Property-xRM, which offers all the robust features you need for faster, better, and more efficient real estate lead nurturing.

How can Metadata Technologies help with Property-xRM?

If you are a real estate business owner, optimizing the sales and leasing process is one of the major challenges. Here, Metadata Technologies can help you with their leading Real Estate CRM solution – Property-xRM. Our unique PropTech tool, Property-xRM, is a software that enables you to achieve a streamlined lead nurturing process. From providing a splendid pre-sales customer experience to selling/leasing and after-sales management, we’ve got you covered!

Don’t just find new leads, but turn each one of them into your loyal customers through Property-xRM. Contact us to get started today!

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