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Build solid Sales Pipelines

A sales pipeline provides structure for your business’ sales process and equips your team with the tools to capitalize on opportunities instantly. It also helps to monitor performance thereby providing valuable insights to sales representatives on areas to capitalize on.

Sellers and Teams Face Complex Business Challenges

The increased rivalry and demand in the market have made lead generation more difficult. With the sheer volume of leads, it's difficult to keep track of them, nurture them, and close them successfully.

Catching up with the trends is always necessary if you want to be in the market for the long haul. Many businesses miss out on possibilities due to this; they lose the chance to expand and adapt to change.

Due to the sheer multiplicity of leads, salespeople often wind up following the wrong leads, which is a big red flag for the team. Lead prioritization and intelligent classifications are often lacking.

There's one solution to all these problems: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

Actionable Insights

Insights that empower sellers to take action based on priorities of accounts and contacts. Sell smarter with knowledge of actionable data such as lead scores, updated grading m...odels, and client data. Find right prospects, spot buying signals, and drive personal engagement with Dynamics 365 Sales to boost responses

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Relationship Management

Improve Customer Connections by assisting sellers in staying updated with data-driven insights from Office 365, LinkedIn Sales Explorer, and Dynamics 365. With integrated Offic...e 365 features, you can collaborate in real-time and customize documents. Combine relationship data with LinkedIn Sales Navigator to create trust and manage relationships.

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Sales Productivity

Automate sales processes through a highly innovative and intuitive interface along with the advanced embedded capabilities of Microsoft Office using state-of-the-art sales prod...uctivity tools. Provide relevant insights, analytics, dashboards, and predictive modelling to your sales force to gain visibility into future forecasting by using Dynamics 365 for sales.

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Sales Performance

Drive sales effectiveness through enhanced capabilities that cover workflows across the sales spectrum such as onboarding new sellers and coaching, account and pipeline analysi...s, and fun competition. Improve sales success with Conversation intelligence, AI-powered insights, and relationship analytics that Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales offers.

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Dynamics 365 for Sales

Purpose-built Business Applications for Sellers

  • With a single view of customers, products, services, and capabilities, sellers can provide the right information at the right time to help you win new business.

  • LinkedIn has one of the most powerful social networks in the world and it is at your fingertips when using Dynamics 365. With a native integration with Dynamics 365, the LinkedIn Sales Navigator allows users to proactively match with prospective clients, while automatically creating leads in the CRM.

  • Assign scores to leads based on the probability of conversion and improve chances of success. Scores are calculated based on multiple variables, including demographics and behaviours. Prioritize leads and have more time for the ones that are most likely to result in a deal.

  • Identify relationships between entities and individuals, such as who reports to whom or who works with whom. With machine learning capabilities, get suggestions about additional people who could be prospective connections.

  • Get analytical data on all your deals and give users a holistic view; information about all of leads, opportunities, activities, stages, and closed items. See when a prospect or customer was last contacted by comparing their last activity date to when they were last contacted.

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