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Microsoft Dynamics 365

Unified Business Application Platform

The defining trait that differentiates Dynamics 365 is the seamless experience offered across all Microsoft solutions with connected Data Streams. It helps to drive digital transformation by providing backend solutions that optimize Finance, Operations, and HR leading to front-end excellence in Sales, Customer Service, and Marketing Solutions. Additionally, easy integration with Office 365 ensures improved collaboration over email, Sharepoint, and Teams.

Find the Right Applications for Your Business
Dynamic 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a cloud-based business application platform that combines components of customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP), along with productivity and collaboration tools. It is an innovative and powerful platform curated as a flexible solution, which can be made unique depending on the requirements of the business. It can be used as an individual application according to your business’s needs, or multiple Dynamic 365 business applications can be clubbed together to form one unit to serve the business. Since most businesses around the world are invested in Microsoft (Office) 365, Dynamics 365 becomes a very natural extension for easier integrations.
Dynamics 365 also offers an array of security features that ensure data privacy and protect against unauthorized access by third parties. These include static IP restrictions, encrypted storage of data at rest and in motion, and encryption of all web traffic using the Secure Sockets Layer.

Unlock True Business Potential with Microsoft Dynamics 365

  • Streamline sales processes to shorten the time it takes to close leads.
  • Get a 360-degree view of customers to serve them better.
  • Connect your data to optimize process efficiencies.
  • Centralize operations across departments on to a single platform
  • Improve customer experience with anytime access from anywhere on any device.

Engage your Customers

Build personalized experiences for your customers with intelligent sales & marketing, proactive customer service, connected field service, modern finance & operations and connected commerce. Effortlessly engage with your customers from the first point of interaction. Dynamics 365 business applications also ensure customer analysis through a single interface that makes engagement an easy process.

Empower your Employees

Empower business users with accessible built-in insights and intelligence, freeing them from siloed information and monolithic application suites. Dynamics 365 enhances collaboration and communication among employees to guarantee seamless workflows. Customize the interface of Dynamics 365 according to the needs of the users and augment efficiency by uncovering analytical insights. For a dynamic team of users across multiple departments, Dynamics 365 can be a great platform to run operations more effectively.

Optimize your Operations

Paving the way for the modern paradigm in business applications, Dynamics 365 offers the perfect tools that allows businesses to grow, evolve and transform. From productive collaborations to intelligent workflows, you will be capable of optimizing business processes across the spectrum. Adapting to Microsoft Dynamics 365 brings more visibility to the business. It also helps to strengthen the client’s experience and thereby gives way for more opportunities. Furthermore, you can easily streamline the processes and improve the overall quality of work. Compliance processes are substantial in Dynamics 365.

Better Financial Management

Work towards enhancing financial decision-making with improved visibility. Finance is one of the prime parts of a business entity. By implementing Dynamics 365 ERP solutions like Finance and Operations or Business Central, improve business health through unified financial reporting. Automate processes to ensure that there are fewer chances of errors and malfunctions. Leverage in-depth reporting and better financial analytics from Dynamics 365 and make your business stand out. Take strategic decisions, minimize costs, and improve financial controls to drive growth.

Resilient Distribution System

Bring operations and projects onto a single application. Dynamics 365 for Projects and Supply Chain helps in optimizing logistics management, warehousing requirements, material sourcing, etc. These applications improve planning efficiency by providing real-time insights on distribution, production, and resource management. It also helps in bringing uniformity in the process and the response time to the client faster.

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