1. Real Estate: CRM for Real Estate Suite helps you to easily track inquiries, capture multiple customer preferences, reservations, offers, generate sales transactions, and property and unit management by recording prices, history, maintenance, and renewal information.

  2. Distribution: CRM for Distribution Industry helps to manage your complete sales process by managing your relationships with resellers, managing cross-selling and up-selling opportunities  within your departments, managing referrals, campaign lists, and following customer order patterns more accurately. It enables improved territory management  and accurate estimation, forecasting, and quoting new business opportunities.

  3. Banking: CRM in the banking industry is extremely mandatory to create trust among your consumers. You can establish customer support during on and off working hours, make timely information about interest payments, the maturity of time deposit, create awareness regarding e-banking and any upcoming products, adopt mobile requests, track customer requests and analyze the timeline of customer complaints and how it progresses and so on. These will help you to maintain strong ties with the present as well as future customers.

  4. Insurance: CRM for Insurance Industry helps you to a holistic and integrated view of the customer, create targeted marketing campaigns, answer policy application queries/claims promptly, and reduce policy mailing time. With Insurance CRM you can easily track and convert them  into opportunities. Prepare quotations, create policies, and much more.

  5. Pharmaceutical: Microsoft Dynamics CRM Pharmaceutical is built to help you to target and forecast doctor visits, plan activities, manage products, customers, and workplaces, distribute territories to medical officers and organize marketing activities effectively. It enables sales reps to take action based on insight into each physician’s prescription orders and the ability to compare selling efforts to results.

  6. Oil & Gas: CRM for the oil & gas industry can help by using business processes for customer interactions unification, retaining loyal customers and maintaining relationships with suppliers, analyzing employee's capacity, task distribution, automatically generate reports, tracking debtors by each project and so forth.

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