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With the SMS Add-on for Microsoft Dynamics CRM you can deliver consistent communication and impactful marketing campaigns.

You can now provide your marketers with SMS functionality as a natural extension of your CRM, so they can send reminders, alerts and explicit messages to a specific set of customers.

In addition to the marketing module of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you can use intelligent list and segmentation features to reach prospective customers, retain existing customers and transform campaigns into results.

With the SMS Add-on, you can:

  • Send Effective Reminders and Alerts

Use a holistic view of each customer's preferences, relationships, and buying history to anticipate their future needs, send effective reminders and enhance customer loyalty.

  • Launch Campaigns Quickly

Schedule campaign activities to be performed immediately or at specific times in the future, and launch campaigns with ease. Provide your marketers with the functionality to create and execute SMS campaigns with the click of a button.

  • Plan more Proactively

Transform customer information into clear, actionable knowledge that enables your company to respond quickly to changing customer preferences and emerging market opportunities.

  • Gain Real Time Visibility

Get a clear, 360-degree view of the customer with the access to deep segmentation based on comprehensive customer details, sales and marketing history. Take advantage of reporting and analytic capabilities to track SMS delivery rates, measure response levels and monitor every campaign and activity in real time.

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