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Metadata Technologies provides technology and business process consulting services to companies throughout the globe. With an unmatched level of guidance and specialized knowledge of the product, our CRM experts can help your organization to consistently deliver high-quality services, streamline management processes, and acquire and retain the best employee and customer relationships. Also, a notable mention to our Support Team who provide a superior level of support to customers during project implementation and throughout the life cycle of the project.

  1. Professional Services : Metadata Technologies’s Professional Services team has several years of in-depth experience in consulting, implementation, and training of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions. As a leading CRM Solution provider, Metadata Technologies follows the Project Management Methodology using the PMI® (Project Management Institute) framework. PMI is a global body that sets the standards and best practices for the project implementation process.
  2. Support Services : Our Support Team offers round the clock support through our global facilities and networks. Depending on your service level agreement, you can choose between a variety of service options that best suit your business requirements. All support issues are monitored, escalated, and resolved by Metadata Technologies Helpdesk using an established CRM system that is in place for several years.
  3. Consulting Services: CRM is not just about installing software, it is a customer-centric strategy driven by a software system in place. When we say we are 100% focused on CRM, we include ‘Strategic CRM Consulting’ Metadata Technologies along with its remarkable associations, has the resources and expertise for conducting a thorough study, by delivered high-quality consulting services, which have already been successfully conducted in a number of leading Multi-National Corporations in the region. Our approach to consulting involves assigning a qualified team of consultants to your case, who conducts business requirement studies, and performs a strategic analysis of your business situation and the CRM readiness of your company in a methodological approach.