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Customer Survey

Create and manage customer surveys through Microsoft Dynamics using this add-on in addition to the CRM’s Marketing module.

You can create your own templates for surveys and add styles and logos to personalize the survey.

You can also choose to allow each customer to view and update their personal and contact details while completing the survey.

  • Two-dimensional Viewpoint

For each survey, the response of the customer is captured and can be viewed against the survey. Also, the customer's response for a particular question in a survey can also be viewed against his/her profile. Hence allowing you to analyze customer response from two viewpoints.

  • Detailed Customization

The user can design each question and its answers individually. The format in which the answer is expected from the customer, can also be designed to add radio buttons or check boxes or even add a comment box to be displayed below the question. The user can even choose to display the choices in horizontal, vertical or matrix format.

  • HTML Formatted Survey

The customers can access the survey through a URL link which is generated automatically once you complete designing the survey.

  • Measure Responses

Once designed you can send the survey to a select group of your customers through a URL link in an email, by creating a marketing list or using an already existing one from your Dynamics CRM e-Campaign module.

After dispatching the survey you can track feedback of customers through the CRM to measure responses.

  • Create Reports

You can create reports of the survey based on feedback given by customers in a graphical format, by exporting data from the CRM to MS-Excel and analyze customer responses and forecast customer buying habits.

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