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With Reap Consulting as our strategic CRM Consulting Partner, Metadata has been able to successfully support customers in assessing their overall CRM strategy, identify immediate 'Win Areas', reviewing current performance capability, and creating a roadmap to improvement.

Typical Outcomes by engaging with Reap-Metadata include: Greater Alignment of a brand, customers and  revenues, quantifiable  RoI gained from improvements in overall team's performance and better-engaged customers and employees hence leading to improved loyalty.

With the Reap-Metadata partnership, we have been able to successfully enable our customers to deliver a relentless focus on creating customer value that is embedded in the organization, across goals, policies, processes, delivery mechanisms, and people.

Reap Consulting brings along with it 19+ years of CRM expertise with a team of best practice consultants, having successfully implemented CRM programs in Middle East & Africa, North America and UK among others and various verticals, Financial Services i.e Banks and Insurance organizations, Real Estate and Automotive to name a few. Using the SCHEMA toolset (Rated best CRM Diagnostic tool by Gartner Group) from The Customer Framework, Reap Consulting helps organizations in building their own Customer Centricity.

Are you looking to engage with a team like ours to implement a successful CRM strategy? Get in touch with us!