oil gas crm uae

Oil & Gas CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Oil & Gas Industry gives you the visibility you need to deal with oil price volatility and regulations while leveraging the technology you already have in place.

oil gas crm uae

Features Include:

  • Business Development
    • Prospect Management
    • Market Tracking
    • Resource Scheduling
    • Phased Revenue Forecast
    • Competitor Analysis
    • Won/ Loss Analysis

  • Tender Management
    • Document Management
    • Bid Management
    • Tender Team Collaboration

  • Operation Management
    • Issue Management
    • Risk Management
    • Competitor Analysis

With Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Oil & Gas, you can now ensure that you and your team can Collaborate, Decide, Adapt & Operate more efficiently. You can:

  • Streamline Refinery Operations & Delivery

Manage seasonality and scheduling challenges when it comes to refining delivery operations, while at the same time minimizing supply disruption risks due to political instability. It is now possible to easily achieve total productive maintenance along with maximizing uptime.

  • Manage Business Processes

Forecast demand, plan and schedule production, blend semi-finished products to produce the final refined products and deliver finished products to the distribution market.

  • Support and Manage Execution of Bulk Supply Chain Activities

Microsoft Dynamics CRM enables you to plan and optimize key aspects of your supply chain along with allowing you to manage immediate and short-term operations and scheduling. Using flexible report structures, analysts and planners can monitor supply chain activities at every process step and provide feedback on an on-going basis as well as at periodic review points.

  • Manage and Eliminate Risks

You can mitigate the risks of volatile market conditions. You can also use market-to-market and value-at-risk calculations to monitor and evaluate risks from both physical and paper trading.

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