Center of Excellance

Metadata Center Of Excellence (COE)

METADATA has established a “Center of Excellence” in Cochin, India with the following focus:

  1. Train highly qualified Dynamics CRM resources
    Metadata is offering training courses on functional and technical aspects of Microsoft Dynamics CRM to existing MS Dynamics CRM users and prospective CRM professionals.  This center is established with the long term view of catering to global MS Dynamics CRM marketplace and CRM implementations.
    This training is being led by a qualified Dynamics CRM professional with more than 5 years of CRM experience, having the expertise of developing several add-ons for MS Dynamics CRM.

  2. Develop verticals and an extended CRM practice
    Microsoft promotes extended CRM (xRM) concepts as out of the box CRM implementations are seldom a solution for customers.
    Metadata has already developed several verticals and is in the process of developing advanced features for these verticals to enable industry-specific solutions with MS Dynamics CRM Some of these developed verticals include Real Estate, Banking, Insurance, Distribution, etc.
  3. Develop Add-ons for enhancing Microsoft Dynamics CRM capabilities
    Metadata has already developed several add-ons for Dynamics CRM which includes Customer Survey, Advanced Quotation Management, SMS Messaging, etc.
    This makes MS Dynamics CRM more appropriate to the customers and enables consolidation of third party applications into CRM, offering the user a 360-degree view..

  4. Offshore Development
    With a fast-growing MS Dynamics CRM market around the world, customers require customizations and enhancements to CRM in a cost-effective manner. 
    At Metadata we recognize this requirement and have therefore developed an offshore team, to serve customers and offer the most cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality and customer satisfaction.