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CRM Consulting DubaiCRM is not just about installing software, it is a customer-centric strategy driven by a software solution in place. Metadatacorp is a big prestigious Real Estate CRM Consulting company in Dubai, India and we have 15 + years of experience in CRM Consulting and implementations. Our CRM Consulting team in Dubai and India work with international leading brands and implement strategies to grow the lifetime value of the business.

When we say we are 100% focused on CRM, we include ‘Strategic CRM Consulting’ Metadata Technologies along with its remarkable associations, has the resources and expertise for conducting a thorough study, by delivered high-quality CRM consulting services, which have already been successfully conducted in a number of leading Multi-national Corporations in the region. CRM consulting will help to expand the business and increase sales and ROI, Our approach to CRM consulting involves assigning a qualified team of CRM consultants to your case, Our Digital CRM consultants

who conduct business requirement studies and perform a strategic analysis of your business situation and the CRM readiness of your company in a methodological approach.

With our CRM consulting expertise, we have helped customers realize that Customer Engagement is a business system enabling a 360-degree customer view.

Our Strategic CRM Consulting includes extensive stakeholder interviews involving brainstorming session to help your company analyze:

  • Where you are now?
  • Where do you want to be?
  • What is going to give you?
  • What is the business case?
  • How do we get there?

With the help of these pointers, our CRM consultants can help your company identify some immediate "win-areas" that would provide financial and business benefits for PRIOR to installing the suitable CRM solution.

Once these objectives are identified, we can help you to have a clear CRM strategy- from start to solution. You can assess the needs and means to grow CRM environment, align business processes, inform and train personnel, diagnose/audit CRM readiness, and eventually identify the right CRM solution to suit your business need, implement, deploy and measure.

Experienced CRM consultants at Metadata can help you achieve CRM value with our three-step Process Re-engineering approach coupled with right technology/ tools:

  • With accurate insight and analytics, you can implement more efficient and measurable sales and service processes.
  • Predictive segmentation and optimization tools will lead to optimization of historic campaign outcomes, relevant customer-based communications delivered through a preferred channel.
  • Informed dialogue and products tailored to customer's needs will lead to the enhanced customer experience.

Using the best practices and lessons learned over time- what works and what doesn't, we can help you achieve your business objectives by aligning the right technology with your business processes and help you create visibility in the organization, increase sales productivity and align sales and marketing processes.

With a clear CRM strategy in place, whether you're looking to automate your customer service, marketing, sales, and business analysis functions, your CRM journey is  sure to be a success.