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Add Ons

  1. Advanced Quotation Management : An extension to the Quotation Management capability of Microsoft Dynamics CRM which allows you to create quotes by importing them from excel, this add-on  allows you to dynamically edit line items and select products using interactive searches to create quotes from opportunities, accounts or contacts.
  2. Customer Survey
  3. Pricelist Manager
  4. Dashboards : Extend your CRM to include the dashboards critical for your business by easily configuring them as and when required. Quickly analyze your CRM data from different entities in a single screen with an extensive drill-down capability.
  5. SMS Add-on : Provide your marketers with SMS functionality as a natural extension of your CRM, so they can send reminders, alerts, and explicit messages to a specific set of customers.
  6. Record Analytics : Record Analytics helps to generate an explicit analysis for any given record for any entities based on the pre-defined criteria.
  7. Advance Attachment Tool : An extension to the Attachment capability of Microsoft Dynamics CRM- it allows the users to search and attach documents to an email that is already linked to any of the related entities in CRM.

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